About Us

IMG_3539_copy.jpg Andrew Cash // Co-founder: Andrew has been a musician, producer, composer, journalist and politician. His National Urban Worker Strategy Bill was ground breaking legislation in Canada’s Parliament dealing with precarious work and led to the first protections under federal labour laws for unpaid internships.
Stephanie.jpg Stephanie Nakitsas // Co-founder: Stephanie is a campaigns organizer, communications freelancer and feminist. When she's not working, she's volunteering for her neighbourhood's pop-up shop program or hanging out with her two year old daughter.
Adriana.jpg Adriana Zichy // organizer/ activist/ contract worker

Alastair Woods // policy wonk/ unapologetically progressive/ grad student/ dog person with a cat



Amneet Singh // law student/ community activist merging arts and activism as a tool for healing and empowerment in the South Asian Diaspora.




Arden Wray // Photographer/ Television Researcher/ Always scheming


Joan Lillian Wilson // Communications Specialist/ Photographer/ Curator/ Feminist/ Activist  



Josh Mandryk // Union-side labour lawyer/ Intern rights activist


Laura Nguyen // Contract worker/ Proud feminist/ New graduate buried in student loans 


Marcie Ponte // Executive Director - Non Profit Sector



Michael Kainer // Retired Lawyer/ Documentary filmmaker / Proud Torontonian
Michal_Hay_Headshot.jpg Michal Hay // political strategist for social justice / activist / past urban worker
Murray.jpg Murray Cooke // Contract Faculty, Political Science, York University
Raven.jpg Raven Shields // musician/graphic designer/barista 
Ryan.jpg Ryan Meili // family doctor/ health advocate / Upstream founder / shameless punster 
shawn.jpg Shawn Micallef // author / university instructor / talker / walker
Sheila.jpg Sheila Matthen // economist/ feminist/ activist

Suzanne Gallant // video producer / CFU activist



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