More than 40% of creatives are self employed

“I moved to Toronto from a small town almost 10 years ago to study art. Right now I’m working on contract doing design work for a community newspaper on top of freelancing to making ends meet every month.

I feel so lucky to be able to make my living doing creative and community work but there are definitely challenges that come along with that - like not qualifying for health benefits, vacation time and sick pay. Working contracts shouldn’t mean I don’t deserve the same supports enjoyed by those with full-time employment.”

Communications Specialist, Photographer, Curator, Feminist, Activist

With less and less of us in traditional employee positions, more of us are working on contract to earn a living. Some of us work on contract with big organizations, while others of us are self employed or freelance workers with many jobs and clients. We need to make sure the rules are fair for all workers.

Sometimes companies will force workers to be classified as independent contractors when by all definitions they are employees. This can mean less pay, lack of workplace benefits, no vacation or overtime pay, and being ineligible to access programs like EI.

For those that are self employed and working freelance, there are very few protections and benefits that can be accessed.

This makes work precarious when it doesn’t need to be. Government needs to recognize the changing nature of work and extend protection and benefits to contract workers.

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