Indie Worker Wage Theft

You really know you are an Independent Worker when: 

  • You’ve had to bring a big muscular guy friend to make sure you got paid.
  • You’ve had to meet a client in a dingy shopping centre after hours to be paid.
  • You’ve worked for some of the most profitable companies in Canada who have ripped you off or made you wait too long.
  • You’ve had to scramble to pay your bills, food and rent because you haven’t been compensated for the work completed.

You’ve probably had enough - right?

#PayMeWhatYouOweMe is the Urban Worker Project’s Canada wide campaign to sound the alarm on wage theft in the freelance, on contract and solo/self employed sector. Independent/Indie Workers have next to no recourse when they don’t get paid for their work, receive partial payment, really late payment, or the scope of work increases but the pay does not match. Here at UWP, we are constantly hearing stories of Indie Workers getting ripped off. 

Look, our economy is changing whether we like it on not. Work is changing and we need to ensure 21st century workers have 21st century protections. Is it too much to demand payment in full and on time? We don’t think so!

How You Can Help

  • Fill Out the Survey and Share It With Your Community!

We want to reach as many people as possible and that means we need your help. Filling out this survey will only take a few minutes of your time and it will help us show the bigger picture of Indie Worker Wage Theft and the impact it has on workers. 

  • Use the hashtag #PayMeWhatYouOweMe on social media to talk about your experiences with wage theft.

Together, we can elevate this issue and force our governments to start taking action. Telling your story is an incredibly powerful way for us to convey what reality can be like for indie workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t you guys just send out a survey? What’s up with that?

We thank everyone who participated in the original survey; the stories you shared with us were incredibly moving and your contribution has helped shape this campaign. Your feedback convinced us that we needed to find out more about the impact and scope on Indie Worker Wage Theft.

If we want our governments to act and we want to show them the direction they should take, then we need more precise information to be used for further advocacy. Don't worry, it should still only take you about 5 minutes to complete!

Here are some of the main changes of the survey:

  • The length of the survey has extended from 10 to 19 questions.
  • There are shorter specific questions regarding the Independent Worker Experience (Ex. How Long Have You Done Contract Work?)
  • We have added optional demographic questions (ie. age, race and gender) and geographic location to identify patterns and trends.

How long will it take to fill out the survey?

Approximately 5 minutes. This survey contains 18 questions, 10 of which are mandatory for the survey to be considered complete.

Do I have to give my name or email to fill out the survey?

We do not require names or emails to complete the survey and the questions are designed to be broad enough that a person cannot be readily identified by their responses.

How Long Will the Survey Be Running?

Currently, there is no exact deadline but our goal is have 1000 respondents!

I want to share my experience, but I don’t want to put it in the survey/post it online.

No problem! You can drop us at note here:

For any additional questions/concerns, you can contact us at: