The Changing Workplace Review calls for protections for Urban Workers

We are making an impact!

Today the Changing Workplaces Review report was released and two of our campaign demands are included in the recommendations almost word for word:

1) Equal Pay for part-time and contract workers (so they are paid the same as full-time employees at the same place)

2) Protection under the act for dependent contractors

We need to ACT NOW make sure that the Liberal government creates the legislation to make these recommendations a reality as well as making sure the other protections outlined in the report are implemented.

SIGN AND SHARE OUR PETITION  to show that we need these changes now!

We also need to let the government know that there are key protections that workers need that were left out of the report - like mandatory paid sick days and benefits for part-time workers. Read the full report and coverage of the highlights here:

Full report here

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