We’re Growing Our Team! Help us welcome Jenn McRae as the Urban Worker Project’s B.C. Lead Organizer

The Urban Worker Project community would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member, Jenn McRae. We first worked with Jenn in BC earlier this year to host our Vancouver Skillshare event. We were really proud of the event she designed and led for us there, and are thrilled she is now formally joining us as the project’s newest team member and our first Lead Organizer for British Columbia. Jenn will have a dual focus on managing our activities in BC, as well as working on some of our national communications and campaign work. Jenn will also play a vital role in the discernment process as we move towards the next phase in the growth of the Project. Indeed her joining the team marks the beginning of that next chapter as we look to develop exciting new services, supports, collaborations and policy solutions that will Make Work Better for independent workers in Canada. Stay tuned for more in the coming months. 

Jenn brings nearly ten years of professional experience in the social impact sector to bear in this work. You can read more about her and her portfolio of projects below. Her initial commitment to the project will be part-time as she has recently opened a co-working community in Gibsons, the town she calls home, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. She would be excited to host you at the space to talk all things Future of Work next time you are on the West Coast and invites you to pop in for a visit! Please join us in extending a big, warm welcome to Jenn.


To connect with Jenn, you can reach her at jenn@urbanworker.ca



Tara Mahony (L) & Jenn McRae (R) at the Urban Worker Project Skillshare Afterparty

In elementary school, little Jenn McRae typically got sent home with report card comments like: “Jenn is a good student but would do better at school if she would talk to her friends less.” Fast forward twenty years, and her natural curiosity about others, penchant for building relationships and desire to realize the potential for a better world have formed the connective tissue of a ten-year project-based career in the social impact sector. Her work has focused on the intersection of new models for learning and livelihood creation. She believes strong social ties -- Deep Communities -- are the necessary precondition to address the increasingly uncertain and complex challenges facing societies around the world. In the last ten years she has built numerous impact-focused leadership programs and post-secondary curriculums including, the Change Lab at Simon Fraser University and the RADIUS Fellowship in Radical Doing. Each of these programs has emphasized developing strong relational bonds between participants and the larger networks they are embedded within. Her work with the RADIUS Fellowship program was able to track this impact, seeing each Fellow make an average of 45 new organizational relationships during their time in the program, changing both their individual networks and the larger social impact ecosystem in BC. She has worked with over 200 young leaders over the last seven years to deepen their capacity as agents of positive social change, and produced more than 50 events and community engagement initiatives. She has strengths and has undergone extensive training as a community organizer, group process facilitator, convener and curriculum designer. Her favourite areas of learning include organizational development, leadership development, business models for social impact and community economic development. Increasingly, her work is driven by the question, how can communities generate collective resilience and thriving local economies that produce well-being and economic security for all?. Every project she undertakes is an attempt to answer that question. In Summer 2017, she became the managing partner of FUSE Community Work Hub in Gibsons, BC on the Sunshine Coast where she resides. She is also the new BC lead organizer with the Urban Worker Project, where she will focus on advancing the project’s mission to Make Work Better for independent workers in Canada.

Photo credit: Ash Tanasiychuk // Organizers Tara Mahony (L) & Jenn McRae (R) pictured at the Urban Worker Project's Vancouver Skillshare afterparty.