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Work has changed.
Let's make it work for us.

The majority of all new Canadian jobs are part-time, temporary, on contract, freelance or self-employed positions. There's no sign of this trend slowing down. In the arts and culture, tech, knowledge, not-for-profit and service sectors this is the new normal. Many of us love the work we do, but there is no reason for our jobs to be precarious. Most of these jobs come without things like parental leave, health benefits, or workplace protections; not to mention access to income security measures so you don't go broke between jobs. We can change this.

The Urban Worker Project is a new initiative to give a stronger voice to the growing numbers of independent workers across the country. Together we will:

  • Advocate for a better future for urban workers. That means building campaigns and taking political action on issues like improved access to health and dental benefits, better pay and protections for contract and freelance workers, access to parental leave and more.

  • Communicate with Canadians about the issues facing contract, freelance and self-employed workers in the new economy.

  • Build community by hosting events and finding creative ways to help provide services that urban workers need.

Join us.